Common Signs of Cervical Cancer Every Woman Should Look Out For

Cervical cancer is a disease that affects and kills millions of women all over the globe.

Surprisingly the early signs of cervical cancer can be so elusive that many women ignore them until it has gotten worse.

That’s why it’s so important for any woman who notices any symptom to seek medical care immediately.

Possible Early Signs of Cervical Cancer

People often confuse signs of cervical cancer with other ill health. Below are the symptoms women should watch out for:

1. Abnormal vaginal bleeding

As a woman, if you suddenly start experiencing abnormal bleeding after your periods, after having sexual intercourse, after menopause, you should check yourself for cervical cancer.

2. Unexplained pelvic pain
Even though some women experience cramps during the menstrual cycle, pelvic pain from cervical cancer usually has no obvious cause.

3. An unexplained discharge
Once you’re seeing a discharge that is watery and has a foul smell, this is a sure sign that something is wrong. Even if cervical cancer may not be the cause, you need to find out what causes the discharge and foul smell

4. Chronic fatigue
Even though being tired every time can be associated with different illnesses, it is advisable to find out the cause.

5. Pain with sexual intercourse
If you experience pain often during sexual intercourse, It’s important to pay attention to it as it may be an early sign of cervical cancer

6. Bowel movement changes
If you suddenly develop bowel movements that last for more than a week, kindly give your doctor a call but there’s no need to get concerned if these changes last for less than a week.

7. Painful urination
If at any point, a woman starts to experience a burning sensation while urinating, note that it may be a sign of cervical cancer.

8. Changes in the menstrual cycle
When menstrual periods become heavier or longer, it’s possible that cervical cancer is the cause. Check this one out as soon as possible.

9. Strange weight loss
If a woman suddenly starts losing weight without making an effort to lose weight, it should always be investigated by a doctor because it may be related to cervical cancer.

However, once you notice any of these symptoms I mentioned above, kindly consult with your doctor immediately for proper diagnosis.