Premier League: UK Govt Reveals Conditions For Fans To Enter Stadiums To Watch Matches

UK Prime minister, Boris Johnson risks chances of provoking serious criticism from Conservatives as ministers seek to extend the future use of vaccine passports to enter stadiums for any Premier League match.

Only fully-vaccinated football fans may be able to attend Premier League matches and other events with more than 20,000 spectators under Government plans.

There were reports earlier this week that plans are being discussed that would require football fans to prove they have had two doses of Covid vaccination before they can go back to watching Premier League games in person.

Talks are now in an early phase with the Premier League to discuss whether supporters who have not been double-jabbed could be barred from entry.

The use of vaccine passports could also be extended to lower divisions and other sports in England as ministers seek to reduce the surge of Covid-19 cases as other restrictions are ended.

While no final decisions have been made, it is currently being discussed whether vaccine passports could be introduced for seated events with a capacity of 20,000 people and over.

A Government source said: ‘It’s important that fans can continue to watch sporting events over the autumn, which is why we’re exploring the role vaccines might play in this.

‘This will not only allow full capacity stadiums but has the added bonus of incentivizing people of all ages to go and get their jab.’


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