The Culture That Will Cancel Us All
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Some historians believe we are in the most liberal times in history. Suffice to say that a lot of practice that would have been seen as abomination, taboo and sacrilegious in times past have been normalized.

I’m not in a position to state what is good or bad or what is moral or not. Because morality is self evident. Suffice to say what is moral to me may not be moral to someone else. Morality is a social construct.

The purpose of this article is not to castigate any belief or orientation rather it is to look at the menace of THE CANCLE CULTURE.

Firstly what is Cancel Culture?

Cancel Culture is the phenomenal or the norm of canceling those who tend to criticize or take opposing views on the increasing new wave of liberalism.

A good example is the recent transphobic accusation of the famous Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Adiche by the Nigerian LGTB community.

Let me state it clearly that I believe that nobody should be discriminated or targeted because of their sexual orientation, the way they worship or how they look.

At the same time people should be able to state their opinion even on the most sensitive issues without fear of being canceled. In as much as the opinion is not promoting hatred towards a group of people, religion or tribe.

For Example, imagine giving an honest and healthy opinion about a trending topic like the inclusion of Trans-Women in sports on Twitter. Then you wake up the next day to see that you have lost your social media accounts, job, endorsement or even admission.

Humanity is heading for doom if we destroy people because of an honest opinion on issues instead of educating them on why they are wrong.

In all truthfulness, if we continue to trend this dangerous path of cancel culture, then we will all be cancelled sooner or later.

Every ideology or orientation must be subject to healthy criticism and opposite opinions to stand the rest of time. We must be able to know the difference between healthy criticism and promoting hatred.

If we can draw a clear line between these two, it will help us a lot in eradicating this menace. Cancel culture is like gambling, it may be in your favor today and still turn around to be your doom tomorrow.

One of the cruelest thing about this cancel culture is that people and organizations do not even wait to hear the other side of the story before ditching out judgement. The court of public opinion always assume the role of the prosecutor, the jury, the judge and the executioner.

In this era of ‘#Metoo’ all it takes to ruin anybody is to falsely accuse them of rape that’s the end of that individual’s career. Nobody will wait to hear the other side of the story.
If we continue to trend this path then what happened to the famous “Not guilty until proven so by the court of law”?

The “Court of law” not the “Court of Public Opinion” not the “Court of Social Media”

I’ll drop my pen by stating clearly that we all have two choices