BREAKING: Police Allegedly Shot Omoyele Sowore In Abuja (Video)

Nigerian human rights activist and pro-democracy campaigner Omoyele Sowore has been allegedly shot by a police officer in Abuja.

Infoexpert24 reports that the former presidential candidate took to his verified Twitter page a while ago to announce that he was shot by one ACP Atine at the Unity Fountain in Abuja

His Tweet reads;

Just been shit by a police officer, ACP Atine at the Unity Fountain in Abuja. #RevolutionNow Let the struggle continue even if they take my life! #BuhariMustGo

Below are some of the reactions on Sowore’s post;


This is to tell you that many issues Nigeria is facing is caused by this govt and their forces tell me why must a police man shot live bullet on a peaceful protest. There is God oo


If you protest peacefully, they will use violence

How else should one express his opinion?

Shey make we come dey prostrate dey beg make dem build better infrastructure for us

Later they will start blaming Igboho and MNK for instigating violence


Clearly, The police officer was sent to kill Sowore. He must be arrested immediately without any delay. Any attempt to cover-up this assassination attempt will heat up the polity.


Please, please, please, whether you agree with Sowore or not does *NOT* matter…people have a right to *peaceful* protests in any sane democracy…everyone should be angry about this totally shameful behaviour by same police force that can’t fight bandits.


This’s can’t be bullet wound although is wrong because we all have the right to protest. If the Police felt otherwise they can arrest, charge and prosecute him but not to harm him. Get well Soworw.

See video from the incident below;

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