Actor, Spiff Announces His Exit From The Johnsons, Nigerians Reacts
Actor, Spiff Announces His Exit From The Johnsons, Nigerians Reacts

Iconic character in popular Africa Magic’s family sitcom, “The Johnson”, Samuel Ajibola also known known in the series as Spiff has announcedhis exit from the series.

The Johnson is a long-running program that has been aired on Africa Magic since 2012. Some actors in the series include Charles Inojie as Mr. Lucky Johnson, Ada Ameh as Mrs. Emu Johnson, Chinedu Ikedezie as Efetobore Johnson, and also Samuel Ajibola as Spiff.

Actor, Spiff Announces His Exit From The Johnsons, Nigerians Reacts
Samuel Ajibola (Spiff)

The comic actor took to his Twitter page to make the announcement after ten years of starring in the johnsons,mhe wrote;

“It’s difficult to let go but it’s time to officially announce on this platform as I quit my role as Spiff in The Johnsons.

Thanks to everyone for your undying support and love, I couldn’t have asked for more.

I’ve got time on my hands and not much on my side, I’ve to move on”.

Below are some of the reactions from Nigerians after his announcements;

@aqualadysix66 wrote:
It’s a disgusting character, the hand and the rest… you’re the reason I don’t see the Johnsons. I’m happy for you

@cutieoge wrote:
Would miss seeing spiff and his wahala with Tari. Anyways your fingers would rest nowRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing best wishes

@israeliEsq wrote:

I have seen you in a few other movies, no bad blood but I wasn’t impressed…so develop yourset some more. That will be hard anyway. All the best.

@Oluomacchi wrote:

The Johnsons is no longer interesting,for the past two weeks they are acting the WAZOBIA restaurant thing,it’s super boring for ME…even if Spiff is no longer there,they should restrategize and bring back other members of the family abeg

@christianbiriok wrote:

We will miss you most especially my 3yrs old son.

@Chrisjack1981 wrote:

Is not true… Is Jos starting to be boring, though I can say is because of spiff leaving the show, but it seems like a coincident

@Theresa09529747 wrote:
I hope this is a joke
Ehhhn no more The Johnson’s be that na, who will nau comman be speaking gbagaun for us to laugh




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