Singer Fireboy DML Reveals People He Sings Heartbreak Songs For
Fireboy DML

Popular Nigerian singer, Fireboy DML has revealed the people he sings heatbreak songs for.

In a recent tweet,  the “Need you” crooner revealed that he gets his inspiration for heartbreak songs from the experience of other people, not himself.

According to Fireboy DML, he has never been heartbroken and as such, his heartbreak songs were inspired from the stories of other people who’ve faced the emotional turmoil.

He wrote in his tweet,

my heartbreak songs are stories of other people. I’ve never been heartbroken.

In reaction, some tweeps said whether or not he’s been heartbroken, one way or the other, he’s still going to go through it… See some reactions below,

One user wrote, Pawpaw didn’t know he is going to be the king of meme when he was doing his thing back then, your heartbreak songs are going to be useful to you in the nearest future bro.

Another user wrote: I thought, I was the only one buh I felt somehow to tell a lady that which she won’t believe. I have dated 10 Ladies And I have never been Heart brokenRaised fist. Even the one I loved and she love me most couldn’t break my Heart See-no-evil monkey.

One wrote: At some point in all our lives, we’ve been heart broken; Underachieving, failing, disappointments, these things could also break your heart.

Heartbreaks don’t always come from relationships or some love affair. Life itself could break your heart.

Another user wrote, I over believe you no be everybody they love person lik me I wonder which girl won break my heart Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyahhhh omo if u like carry industrial hammer come




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