2023 Election: Zone presidency To Northcentral, APC Youths Tell Party

APC youths in Plateau State have called for the zoning of the 2023 presidential seat to Northcentral Zone.

Infoexpert24 reports that the group, which made its position known in a chat with reporters in Jos, declared that, “It’s injustice to keep the zone without President for 61 years.”

This agitation came on heels of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) pronouncement of the date for 2023 Presidential elections.

In Plateau State, youths drawn from all the LGAs of the state who are members of the ruling All Progressives Congress have come out to demand that the party at the National level should zone the 2023 Presidential seat to the Northcentral in order to guarantee equality, justice and fairness.

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The Spokesman of the group, Dr Solomon Shendam, a former APC youth leader, who hails from Shendam LGA, claimed, “The Northcentral geopolitical zone has been shut out of the Presidential seat since the nation got its independence in 1960.

“The long spanning injustice against the Northcentral is very unfair and unacceptable. But 2023 offers our APC Leadership the opportunity to correct the wrongs by zoning the Presidency to Northcentral.

“Northcentral has the most consistent political and social ideology that is pan-Nigeria more than any other geopolitical zone in Nigeria.

“In spite of the commitment of the successive leaders of the zone to promote unity of the nation, political stability at every time in history and uniting factors to all other zones of the nation, the zone is still yet to produce a President or Vice,” he explained.

Shendam, who said ‘enough was enough’, described the denial and neglect of the zone as “callous” and “provocative.”

Also speaking, a member of the group from Jos North LGA, Alh Ibrahim Awulu blamed the zone’s neglect on “citizens’ non violent political and ethnic posture and approach, unlike other zones stoking the system with violence, hate speech, insurgency and militancy.”

Awulu warned, “the continuous provocation, abandonment and cheating of Northcentral Zone could easily lead to insurrection and unrest.”

“We rise this day to make our grievances known to the whole world on the injustice and callous neglect of the people of North central, who have suffered injustice since independence in 1960,” he lamented.

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