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EPL vs La Liga: Which Is The Best Football League?



EPL vs La Liga: Which Is The Best Football League?

The English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga are the most popular football leagues in the world. But which league is better?

The debate to determine the best between English Premier League and La Liga has been going on and has kept the footballing world divided through the opinions for years.

It is a well-known fact that both Premier League and La Liga draw fans from all parts of the world and have a massive following. Let’s analyze both the leagues simultaneously to gain a deeper perspective into this debate.

The English Premier League
The English Premier League is Fast, thrilling, spectacular

The English Premier League is the world’s best league because it offers the most exciting soccer. Even with smaller teams, it is rare that you will see a boring game. This is because attacking and quick-pressing soccer is valued. Players are encouraged to get the ball forward quickly, to catch their opposition off guard. It’s a sight that fans all over the world enjoy.

In comparison, La Liga’s teams are happy to pass the ball around in their own half, prioritizing possession over attacking the opposition’s goal. As, in England, there is a strong emphasis on speed, English Premier League fans have a tough time getting used to slower soccer elsewhere

Fierce Competition


It’s no secret that competition is fierce in the English Premier League. It is virtually impossible to predict Premier League results beforehand, as every club has reasonable chances of winning the league.

The English Premier League is the Most Popular Soccer League

Premier league overtakes La Liga when it comes to fan following and the reach of the league; it is the most-viewed football league in the world and players of more than 110 different nationalities have played in the Premier League.


The reach of La Liga is less when compared to the PL. When it comes to the gameplay, Premier League is considered to be physical when compared to its Spanish counterpart. La Liga is the more technical league and focuses on High-quality dribbling, passing, pressing.

Teams like Atletico Madrid are famous because of their defensive display and pressing; Real Madrid is famous for its counter-attacking play and Barcelona focuses on one -to -one passing, dribbling, retaining possession and accuracy.

In the Premier League, . attacking and quick-pressing technique is valued in the Premier League and the players are encouraged to get the ball forward quickly, to catch their opponents off guard.


The teams like Manchester City and Liverpool are the fastest when it comes to move the ball forward and utilize the swift pace of their wing-backs and forwards.

Premier League is Competitive

In terms of competitiveness, La Liga is often considered as a two-horse race with Barcelona and Real Madrid dominating the leagues over the years. In the last decade, 9 out of ten times the winner is either Barcelona or Real.


The premier league always has a “title race” as compared to la Liga where the winner is almost predictable. Even though the likes of Man City and Liverpool have started to dominate the league slowly, the battle for the title is very tough and very often goes down to the wire till the last game day which makes it more exciting to watch.

EPL has more successful and elite clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea whereas La Liga has witnessed the presence of the two best footballers – Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

La Liga

While Barcelona and Real Madrid easily come to mind, the league is littered with talent up and down the table. Though there has always been an allure to Spain, the hype is now more than justified.


La Liga Dominance in European Football

La Liga teams have also been dominant when it comes to performing at the big European stages like Champions League and Europa League.

The 8 out of ten times the Spanish teams have either won the competition in the decade or have finished as runner ups. Real Madrid is the most successful team in the Champions League with 14 titles to its name and has won three consecutive titles.


As a summary, let me direct your focus towards The UEFA coefficient rankings which are a set of rankings devised to rank and seed national leagues in European Competition.

Ultimately, the only certainty is that La Liga and the English Premier League are very different. Whether you like seeing the world’s best, Messi or the likes of most in-form striker in the Premier League at the moment, Kelechi Iheanacho (senoirman), both leagues are special. Which one do you prefer to watch?

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