7 Advantages Of Living In Lagos, Nigeria

There are a lot of misconceptions about life in Lagos. Many expats who’ve lived in the city describe it as vibrant, colourful, and a huge amount of fun.

Living in Lagos, one of the largest cities in Africa and a hotspot for international companies, is an unique experience for anyone who enjoys large, energetic cities with things happening 24/7.

Below are some of the advantages of living in Lagos, Nigeria

1. Street Smartness

Lagos will teach you how to be street smart. I once purchased a fake phone padded with fufu at Computer Village, Ikeja. Such happens so often that you are forced to be smart the hard way.

2. A growing tech hub

Nigeria is attracting attention from startups and international companies, including Facebook and Google. The city is poised to become Africa’s tech hub and to provide an abundance of professional opportunities within the fintech and financial inclusion industry. So if you’re a start-up in Fintech, Lagos will provide you with opportunity for your business to thrive.

3. Time Management

Waking up very early in the morning is something that is very important in Lagos. I spent some years in Ogun state and the lifestyle there seems so relaxed. No stress or gridlock. Whether you live on the Mainland or Island, it’s impossible to avoid traffic in Lagos.

This experience will teach you how to get your life together and make plans. Anybody that stays in bed till 7 am during weekdays in Lagos must be damn lazy! You probably have heard of the word “Ji masun” — it means “Wake up, stop sleeping!”

4. Social Life

Cultural identity is important to Nigerians, and people from Lagos are happy to welcome visitors and show them around. If you are the type that never sleeps, you love clubbing and flexing then Lagos is your home because as the “City that never sleeps and the headquarter of Entertainment in Nigeria, Lagos is a City filled with fund, coastal Tourism activities, Clubbing, patties and all Kinds of Events.

Lagos can be fun. You can always have a nice weekend at different recreation centers, or visit the beach or simply enjoy the night life.

5. Job and Business Opportunities

Lagos is a state with so many opportunities and resources. If you are really hardworking, you will earn yourself a honest living and grow financially. Do not listen to those negative comments about Lagos State.

Lagos Supports and Nurtures Small and Medium Scale Business: Lagos helps you to nurture your Small scale Business. The City has all it takes for an Entrepreneur to succeed, from vibrant Startup EcoSystem, access to finance, grants and high profile events to different Networking events, master classes and exhibitions to mention but a few.

6. Friendly communities

Most people who live in or have visited Lagos say the best part of the city is the people. Lagosians, as people living in Lagos call themselves, have made a habit of being kind to newcomers and building tight-knit communities.

7. Interpersonal Skills

Lagos will boost your interpersonal skills. This is a multicultural state with different tribes and nationalities.You will always meet new people, and each experience teaches you how to interact with them.

Indeed Lagos is the city of hustlers!

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