Wizkid And Davido, The 'Messi And Ronaldo' Of Nigerian Music Industry
Davido and Wizkid

Nigerian music stars, Wizkid and Davido are two of the best artiste selling Afropop and Nigeria music to the international community and often times, these two talented and hard working musicians has been likend to Messi and Ronaldo of Nigerian music.

The healthy competition or rivalry between Davido and Wizkid for the past 10 years has really pushed them to attain a superb height in their careers with series of individual awards, foreign collaboration and record labels.

The same can be said of CR7 and Messi, for the past 10 years they have been dominating the football world. Without the rivalry and competition, complacency would have set in long time ago.

Music fanatics in Nigeria makes people to believe that Nigerians are divided primarily along two musical lines groups; Team Davido and Wizkid FC.

Wizkid And Davido, The 'Messi And Ronaldo' Of Nigerian Music Industry

Over the years, Nigerians have likened this versusion to that of Messi and Ronaldo. Reason being that you sweat when debating who is better of the two soccer stars. You almost also need to sweat in reaching no general agreeable consensus as to who is better, as well when you debate who is a better artiste between Davido and Wizkid.

So, aside expending energy to no concluding avail. How else are these two debates similar?

There are the alleged ‘genuinely talented’ and the perceived ‘hardworking’ categories. While Messi and Wizkid belongs to the former class, Ronaldo and Davido are of the later.

Wizkid And Davido, The 'Messi And Ronaldo' Of Nigerian Music Industry

Due to the fact that some fans are biased and don’t like Ronaldo, they will tell you that they support Ronaldo for understanding that despite his shortage of born-with talents compared to Messi, they admire him because he is a meticulous, tireless and a hardworking player having to meet up Messi by doubling his hardwork.

That’s the same way Wizkid fans argue. They believes that Davido has a ‘frog’ voice and Wizkid has a voice only Tuface, Timi Dakolo and Wande Coal can match.

Too often i hear people compare Davido and Wizkid be as per their attitudes. Davido’s loud, headstrong, a sore loser, while Wizkid is the poster child of modesty. He is quiet and draws little media attention on social media. While I agree that this are fairly accurate descriptions of both musician, I just have one question:

So what?

Why does it matter that Davido is cocky and Wizkid is not? You might like Davido less as a result, but that doesn’t mean he’s not as good.

To say Wizkid and Messi are all talents and no hard work is like a donkry passing through the eye of a needle. In other words, agreeing to such tale is to loudly lie, same way one can say that Davido has achieved all he has musically because of his alleged connection and money because the Davido i know, works extremely hard.

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What’s undeniable is that Afrobeats in its current form is on a high because of the hardwork these two superstars has put into work over the year.

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