“I Prayed COVID-19 Pandemic Doesn’t End After I Bought A Private Jet” - Apostle Suleman (Video)
Apostle Suleman

Founder, Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Suleman has told his congregation how he  prayed for Covid-19 not to end after he acquired his third private  jet during lockdown.

In a recent sermon which was sighted by Infoexpert24, Suleman was also heard saying rumours have it that he has a machine that prints money in his house.

The 49-year-old said he bought another Jet to add to his previous two while others were praying for Covid-19 pandemic to end due to the hardship that came with it. He said,

“In COVID (pandemic) I bought a jet; the third one. I have three. I was praying for COVID-19 not to end because I was resting. While people were complaining, my wife asked, ‘Can life be this sweet?’ Am I talking to somebody here?”

“No stress. I read on the Internet that there’s a rumour going around that I have a machine that prints money. I like that rumour. They say, ‘he should be investigated. He has a machine that prints money.

“Somebody asked if it’s true and I said it is true. They said, ‘It’s risky o’. I said I didn’t know it’s risky because I already bought the machine. When you speak in tongues, you’re printing money.”

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