Tragedy Struck As Married Man Sets Himself And Sidechic Ablaze In Benue (Video)

Tragedy struck on Saturday, November 15, 2020, in Benue State as a Married man sets himself and sidechic ablaze in Benue state.

Infoexpert24 reports that 40-year-old man set himself and his girlfriend ablaze in his apartment at the Inikpi, Makurdi Benue state going with the viral video circulating on social media.

According to reports, the man poured some petrol on himself and the girl at around 6:30pm for an unknown reason.

He subsequently lit it up, leading to his immediate death while the girl, who was burnt beyond recognition, was taken to the hospital by some FRSC officials.

Fire fighters fought hand to put out the fire and prevent it spreading to other houses.

Neighbours told newsmen that the young man had a wife and children somewhere but he was always complaining that “his wife is threatening his life even though they are not living together.”

Watch the video from the scene below:





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